Support Rebecca Bligh

Your donation will support the ongoing work of Independent City Councilor Rebecca Bligh.

You can donate between $10- $1,200.00 CAD

Can I make a political contribution?

You can only make a political contribution if you are:

  • a resident of B.C., and
  • either a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Can organizations make political contributions?

No. Corporations, unions and organizations are prohibited from making political contributions. They are also prohibited from reimbursing individuals for making political contributions.

For 2020, you can give a total of $1,253.15 to each registered political party, including its candidates, nomination contestants and registered constituency associations. You can also give a maximum of $1,253.15 to each independent candidate and to each leadership contestant in relation to a leadership contest called in 2020.

The contribution limit does not include fees of up to $370 paid to attend a leadership convention or other convention of a political party. It also does not include money for personal election and personal nomination expenses that result in a contribution from the candidate or contestant.