Your legacy. Your life.

Work with me this January to discover your unique legacy. Design and declare your life through this transformative Vision & Goals work, Lightyear Leadership.

Lightyear has undergone some of its own upgrades. New name, new faculty and new HUB.

As a new faculty member and veteran leader of Lightyear, I am excited to offer my first course on the new HUB. I’ve led hundreds of participants through Lightyear programs over the years, and this online tool improves accessibility and elevates the global Lightyear goal-setting community.

The HUB is an online interactive tool to connect goal-getters through reflective and challenging learning tools. The five-week program will leave you inspired. You will have the clarity to know if where you are spending your time is moving you closer to where you want to be. You will have tuned into the inner voice that guides you towards your future and tuned out the inner critic that limits your potential and distracts your focus.

What is Personal Legacy?

Your legacy is a culmination of every moment in your life—the impact and environment you create for yourself and others. You have the choice to design, navigate, and manage your life based on a chosen future. Personal Legacy provides the foundation, framework, and tools to lead a life you love.

Every new explorer of the Lightyear work begins with Personal Legacy.

When you participate in the Personal Legacy Course you also receive an all-access pass to the Lightyear HUB for an additional three months after completing the course. This membership includes new content released each week to support every individual in achieving their best results and their best life.

How does it work?

We have seen that when working and learning in a group, people hold keys for one another to have new insights into themselves and each other. Experiential learning as a group or team strengthens the learning and potential to radically transform your life.

The course includes five live video-conference sessions. It also includes 23 multimedia assignments. Each assignment can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes to complete and the course takes 5 weeks to complete.

After completing the Personal Legacy Course you will have:

  • A written legacy statement that thoughtfully and intentionally carries forward, releases, and creates specific aspects of your legacy
  • A written vision for your life at least 10 years in the future
  • Goals to support and fulfill on your 10 year vision
  • The ability to distinguish when you are in choice versus reaction and how to use your body cues to help you differentiate
  • Tools, tips, and techniques to support you staying in choice, reaching your vision, and achieving your goals
  • Worksheets and exercises that support your continued application and use of Lightyear concepts and principles in your life

Ready to go? Let’s do this.


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